Jasmyn "Psyncc"


  • My name is Vanessa but the majority of people know me by "Vex". I started playing Valorant two years ago, and it was my first FPS game. Ever since then I fell in love with the competitive aspect of the game and can't wait to take my next steps into the Game Changers community!

    Vanessa "Vex"


  • Hello! I'm Kelly or Shadow. I was born and raised in Ecuador, and I am currently studying college in the US. When I was little I used to watch my dad play horror games, and it made me fall in love with videogames. I started playing on a Gameboy Advanced, and eventually played Overwatch on a PS4 which started my love for competitive games. Eventually at 15 my dad gifted me a gaming laptop and I began playing Valorant a year after the games' release.

    Kelly "ShadowSky"


  • My first experience with competitive gaming started in 2011/2012 and since then I have competed in various leagues across different games, including but not limited to, Call of Duty (Female Pro League), Rainbow 6 Siege (CCS R6 Women's League), Apex, and Valorant (Sakura, Game Changers, and WAGNL). It was during the start of my competitive career in Siege that I switched from console to PC and it was through my best friend that I found my love for Valorant.


    Team Manager