Stream Team

  • My Name is Ethan but I go by Saint! I am an Army vet, Father, gamer that loves streaming mostly first person shooters for fun. Drop by my streams for some fast paced game play!


  • Hi, I'm Aizel. I'm 24 and I've been a gamer most my life. My first game system was an NES, and growing up, I mostly played RPGs and fighting games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Super Smash Bros. I recently got into streaming and it started to grow as passion of mine. The primary game I stream is Valorant, which I never thought in my life I'd enjoy an FPS game so much. Occasionally, I'll play other other games like Smash Ultimate and revisit some MMOs. Outside of gaming, I'm a musician and a data analyst. I also have a dog named Panda that sometimes pops up during my streams. I love playing with both friends and my twitch community, and I hope to grow and expand my reach with gaming!


  • I was born to game! Helping grow a community is his passion with gaming. #SwayFam! Competitive environments are my drive, but it’s still never a dull moment when ever I plays. I love to play and stream Pokémon GO, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves and Marvel’s Avengers. When I can, I love to chill and hang out with my family. A party is always where the Mountain Dew is at!


  • My name is Payne but I go by "Chambers". I'm am amateur Call Of Duty player and Streamer, focused on bringing hilarious content and championships.


  • Hi! I’m Sammy, a chaotic goofball who plays Warzone way too much. I’m a mom, wife and huge animal lover. I’ve been playing COD since World at War and it’s still my fav to this day. I can’t always promise a win but I can promise a good time in chat, hope to see you there☺️


  • Hey I am FawxLA and I am a 21 year old Louisiana Streamer. I stream variety of games on all platforms. I am big American Football Fan. I also love comics and anime. Let’s hang out sometime! Waiting on a pic and im filling out the stream log now


  • Hi, I’m mariah also know as mpeeps! I’m a nerdy hairstylist that streams on Twitch to try to brighten peoples day. I play a variety of things like Valorant, COD, spooky games, and story games. My goal is to have a safe space for people to come hang out and just have a good time. If you like positive and cozy with a hint of chaotic vibes then I’m your girl!