Stream Team

  • My Name is Ethan but I go by Saint! I am an Army vet, Father, gamer that loves streaming mostly first person shooters for fun. Drop by my streams for some fast paced game play!


  • Hey person looking at this. You are probably wondering who is the weirdo with the Naruto Avatar. Well that weirdo is me KingLegendz but you can call me king. I am, what I like to call, a variety streamer over on twitch also a content creator. I’m a car guy, anime geek, gamer, and many other things. I hope you come to the channel and feel welcome and I make you smile and give you a special place to belong in! Oh also I am a member of the Sway Stream as you obviously can see. Come by the channel and hopefully I can entertain you or just put a smile on your face!


  • Hey! My name is Victoria. I mostly stream Valorant, Minecraft, Dead by Daylight, and Pacify, but I'm always down to try new games! Swing by! There's always something interesting happening...👀

    Victoria Nguyen

  • What’s up! My name is Aaron Flores. I am currently serving in the US Army as well as a husband and father! Streaming/gaming is a big passion of mine and something that I want to take further! I would love to consider myself a variety streamer but I mainly stream FPS games such as COD, Valorant, Apex, and BF. If I had to choose my all time favorite game it would be Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


  • My name is Jasmin but I go by Queen online. I love playing video games, it's my passion. My favorite games are Dead by Daylight, Smite, and Phasmophobia. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats (I love animals xD). All in all I'm a pretty chill person and I just love to have fun!


  • I was born to game! Helping grow a community is his passion with gaming. #SwayFam! Competitive environments are my drive, but it’s still never a dull moment when ever I plays. I love to play and stream Pokémon GO, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves and Marvel’s Avengers. When I can, I love to chill and hang out with my family. A party is always where the Mountain Dew is at!


  • I am a West Coast Canadian Gamer, Father of 4. I mainly play sports games likeNHL/MLB) but you will also catch me playing FPS games like Apex and Call of Duty


  • Hey all! My name is Devin but I go by Haylon! I have spent pretty much my entire gaming life competing in FPS style video games and tournaments big stages and small stages. The game I am focused on and currently playing is Apex. Pushing for a top spot on arena with the horizon legend. Big football guy NFL and NCAA. I competed in my first FPS tournament when i was 8. I have won multiple tournaments across multiple titles. Currently streaming creating content and doing paid coaching for apex. I also stream at facebook - TheHaylonSystem


  • My name is Payne but I go by "Chambers". I'm am amateur Call Of Duty player and Streamer, focused on bringing hilarious content and championships.


  • Hello there my name is Dan but everyone calls me Floobs! Super excited to be here :). I am a CoD primary streamer but love to mix it up for sure. When i am not live i am either at work or watching esports. Can't wait to meet yall and get to know some more amazing people!!!


  • My name is Joshua Day. Im quite the competitive gamer. Ill play anything from cod to mobas and play smite pretty well!


  • I'm a disabled Air Force veteran that suffers from depression. I use gaming and streaming to help myself with that. And love to support and hype up my friends.