Stream Team

  • My name is Mayja (my-yuh - silent J) I live in the glorious state of Michigan. Outside of gaming and streaming, I love to watch Formula One racing, travel with my hubby, and eat fabulous food! My primary game is Overwatch and Moira is my main. However, I have been gradually adding more games to my repertoire as I develop my streaming community: Fortnite, DBD, Diablo III, and many other titles.


  • My name is adam I stream games from fortnite to valorant to ncaa sports games. Hope to see you in a stream sometime!


  • My name is Senseicowpoke, a multi-talented 28-year-old writer and variety streamer on Twitch. With a deep passion for gaming, I have amassed $75k+ from my career in competitive gaming, before retiring with pride. I use my platform to promote spreading positivity and kindness.


  • Hello, my name is Bronson but most known by Crusty. I am a competitive FPS player by nature. Outside of streaming, I am a graphic designer and editor. I've worked on projects stemming from content creation to TV shows and movies. #SwayFam


  • My name's Dustin, but known as Gundy. I'm a variety gamer but stream mainly MMO and RPG games. Anything that has an engrossing story, I'm wanting to dissect it and learn the lore. I also stream a variety of games, including community engaging games like Jackbox. When I'm not streaming, I'm a family man and full-time maintenance technician. Hobbies include comic book collecting, cooking large meals, DJing, singing and golfing (I like to touch grass). Wanna know more? Pop on in a stream and see for yourself!


  • My name is Jeremy “Scoob” Smith. I’m 28 years old and husband to a beautiful wife and father to the most perfect little girl. I’ve been involved in professional esports for over 6 years now ranging from T2 player to T1 coach. Now-a-days, I’m just a streamer and short form content creator trying to bring you the best content I can!