Stream Team

  • My name is Payne but I go by "Chambers". I'm am amateur Call Of Duty player and Streamer, focused on bringing hilarious content and championships.


  • My name is Mayja (my-yuh - silent J) I live in the glorious state of Michigan. Outside of gaming and streaming, I love to watch Formula One racing, travel with my hubby, and eat fabulous food! My primary game is Overwatch and Moira is my main. However, I have been gradually adding more games to my repertoire as I develop my streaming community: Fortnite, DBD, Diablo III, and many other titles.


  • My name is adam I stream games from fortnite to valorant to ncaa sports games. Hope to see you in a stream sometime!


  • Hi! I'm Addy, and I am a variety streamer, model, and host! Formerly a part of the Video Games Show and STL Up Late. You may know me as the girl who works behind the scenes of some of the biggest FGC and Smash events in the country. But I am also a one-trick Sona player and a Fade enjoyer in Valorant. My favorite games to play are: LoL, Valorant, Indie Games, Gunfire Reborn, and other roguelites. Every once in awhile, you will also get to see my handsome tuxedo cat Bub.


  • My name is Senseicowpoke, a multi-talented 28-year-old writer and variety streamer on Twitch. With a deep passion for gaming, I have amassed $75k+ from my career in competitive gaming, before retiring with pride. I use my platform to promote spreading positivity and kindness.


  • I'm a Small Dedicated streamer from Miami FL I'm 25 years old and I'm looking to make a name for myself in a small community and show what I am truly capable and wanna be the best i can possibly be. My goal is to be a full time streamer and try to make this a career and my future when i do this i put in max effort in all my streams.


  • Hello, my name is Bronson but most known by Crusty. I am a competitive FPS player by nature. Outside of streaming, I am a graphic designer and editor. I've worked on projects stemming from content creation to TV shows and movies. #SwayFam