Stream Team

  • My Name is Ethan but I go by Saint! I am an Army vet, Father, gamer that loves streaming mostly first person shooters for fun. Drop by my streams for some fast paced game play!


  • Hey person looking at this. You are probably wondering who is the weirdo with the Naruto Avatar. Well that weirdo is me KingLegendz but you can call me king. I am, what I like to call, a variety streamer over on twitch also a content creator. I’m a car guy, anime geek, gamer, and many other things. I hope you come to the channel and feel welcome and I make you smile and give you a special place to belong in! Oh also I am a member of the Sway Stream as you obviously can see. Come by the channel and hopefully I can entertain you or just put a smile on your face!


  • My name is Jasmin but I go by Queen online. I love playing video games, it's my passion. My favorite games are Dead by Daylight, Smite, and Phasmophobia. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats (I love animals xD). All in all I'm a pretty chill person and I just love to have fun!


  • I was born to game! Helping grow a community is his passion with gaming. #SwayFam! Competitive environments are my drive, but it’s still never a dull moment when ever I plays. I love to play and stream Pokémon GO, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves and Marvel’s Avengers. When I can, I love to chill and hang out with my family. A party is always where the Mountain Dew is at!


  • Hey all! My name is Devin but I go by Haylon! I have spent pretty much my entire gaming life competing in FPS style video games and tournaments big stages and small stages. The game I am focused on and currently playing is Apex. Pushing for a top spot on arena with the horizon legend. Big football guy NFL and NCAA. I competed in my first FPS tournament when i was 8. I have won multiple tournaments across multiple titles. Currently streaming creating content and doing paid coaching for apex. I also stream at facebook - TheHaylonSystem


  • Hello there my name is Dan but everyone calls me Floobs! Super excited to be here :). I am a CoD primary streamer but love to mix it up for sure. When i am not live i am either at work or watching esports. Can't wait to meet yall and get to know some more amazing people!!!


  • Hi, I'm Aizel. I'm 24 and I've been a gamer most my life. My first game system was an NES, and growing up, I mostly played RPGs and fighting games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Super Smash Bros. I recently got into streaming and it started to grow as passion of mine. The primary game I stream is Valorant, which I never thought in my life I'd enjoy an FPS game so much. Occasionally, I'll play other other games like Smash Ultimate and revisit some MMOs. Outside of gaming, I'm a musician and a data analyst. I also have a dog named Panda that sometimes pops up during my streams. I love playing with both friends and my twitch community, and I hope to grow and expand my reach with gaming!


  • Hello, I'm Sacred and I love street magic! My favorite tricks to perform are coin and card tricks, my inspiration came from David Blaine. Games I typically play are FPS and story games, however I do like to switch it up from time to time for something fresh and relaxing. I love playing multiplayer games, it's great to play with others. If I'm ever quiet during game play become active in chat and I will hold a conversation and would love to talk perform and hang out. I'm easy going laid back and just love meeting new people so don't be shy blow that chat room up. 😎 Also getting back into tech deck so be prepared to see some fingerboard tricks in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to read this and can't wait to meet all in the community. 😁

    Sacred Asylum

  • I'm jazzythedog81 but my real name is Lisa, I enjoy a variety of games, FPS to adventure games. I got into streaming to get to know other people and meet more people, I always enjoy gaming with others. Hope you enjoy what you see 😄


  • Hi, my name is Erik Schweers. I am a 27 year old (grandpa in call of duty years) living in Texas. I enjoy gaming casually when the time is there. When I'm not gaming I'm hanging out with my fiancé or fishing. I've been playing Call of Duty since I was a teenager so my stream primarily consists of me playing that. Come tune in to the channel and say wassup!


  • What's up everyone I'm Nick aka OpeSlays. I'm an PC player trying to expand my channel to entertain you! I mostly play Warzone and Call of Duty multiplayer. My favorite game is actually Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube. I can't wait to meet you all and get to know ever single one of you guys!!!