• Jøè


    Name's Joe, I am top level Splatoon 3 frontline for nightmare I started playing Splatoon back in the WII U in 2015 and have been a competitive player since 2019 in Splatoon 2 and my goals for my Splatoon career is be at the top and eventually be able to compete in in official Nintendo tourneys.

  • Miner


    I am from Texas and I've been playing video games since I was 7. I've been playing Splatoon competitively since 2018 and managed to qualify for Division 1 of LUTI 3 times and for a league consisting of the best 8 teams in the west. I'm also really into music and have taught myself how to play 2 instruments.

  • Storm


    Hi I'm Storm! I'm a competitive splatoon player and I play frontline/support for Nightmare. I have been playing competitive splatoon since 2018. I've been competing for a long time and have won many weekly tournaments and I qualified for inkTV with nightmare (tournament for top 8 teams in the west besides japan). I hope to keep pushing with my team and eventually become the best!

  • Pelusa


    I'm Pelu, I'm a 15 year old competitive Splatoon player for Nightmare. I was firstly introduced to videogames by my father when i was little, but really got into the competitive scene around 2020. I also play sports and hold many 1st placements in Panamanian Flag Football leagues.

  • NicoChico


    I am Nico, and I play a support/backline role for Nightmare. I started playing competitive Splatoon in 2019 when I started trying to find more people to play the game with. I found myself gradually rising in level in the game, until I found myself with Nightmare which skyrocketed my career. Since then I’ve won multiple weekly tournaments and qualified for the InkTV Resurgence League, a league reserved for only some of the best teams outside of Japan. I hope to keep supporting my team and pushing to the top!

  • Draco

    Team Manager

    Hello my name is Draco, I’m a Competitive player from Dominican Republic who enjoys playing Splatoon 3 and more Nintendo Games.