• I am a T2 player for Sway. My first comp team was more of a friend team, nothing too serious, but we won the first two season of XGS. I stopped play for around 6 months until I got onto this current team which I have been grinding with for the last 6 months.

    Shane "Exer" O'Brien


  • I made a name for myself through 10 mans and qualifiers. I started my competitive career in 2021 playing college leagues and GO4s, and then over time I grinded and Played SFCL Closed, SCS Closed, XGS Closed, CGN Closed, and DAL Closed. I also grind the FACEIT trenches and made FPLC. E1 is one of my first leagues that I've ever made. I had no T1 or T2 experience till making E1 so this is a huge accomplishment for me.

    Steven "Benny" Gall


  • I started playing siege when I was 12. I am new to competitive, but I qualified for the NA tier 2 level rainbow six siege competition.

    Gus “Shmink” Jensen


  • I've been playing Rainbow Six since beta played T1 in MENA region before moving to NA and currently playing for Sway and hopefully will be on the stage on day again.

    Parsa "Reveal" Shirvani


  • I am a Tier 2 Competitive Player for Sway. I have been playing comp for 3 years, and have competed in numerous leagues and tournaments. I hope to make Pro League one day, and play on stage.

    Jackson "Hud" Grey




  • I am an Ex-NACL player for multiple organizations and teams. I've been coaching and playing Rainbow Six Siege since the beta of the game and haven't enjoyed any game as much as Siege. I love being able to part my knowledge and information and help lead this team into the direction I know they can go.

    Jeremy "Scoob" Smith