• Reno "Gage2G" Bilaki


    For those who may not be familiar with me, I go by the name Gage or Gage2G. I've been actively engaged in competitive gaming for a significant portion of my life. My journey began when I received my own gaming console at the age of 6, igniting my passion for competitive gameplay. At the age of 12, I transitioned to PC gaming, and by 13, I was already actively participating in Player versus Player (PVP) competitions in World of Warcraft (WoW). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's an amusing tidbit: My mother once went to great lengths, even stretching the truth with an organization, to allow me to enter into a contractual agreement. This strategic move was motivated by the need to contribute to household expenses, a decision that still brings a smile to my face today. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I remained deeply involved in the competitive WoW scene until around the age of 15-16. However, with the release of PUBG, my focus took a decisive shift. Since then, my commitment and attention have been dedicated to PUBG, and I haven't looked back since. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's worth noting that my competitive endeavors have not been limited to just one game. I've also ventured into the realms of Fortnite and Call of Duty, expanding my horizons and skillset in the process. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about my gaming journey. Best regards, Gage / Gage2G

  • Lucas " Snowbird " Munier

    For many years of my youth I was told I'd never amount to nothing because I was different. I was convinced I wouldn't amount to nothing too until I found two catalysts that truly held me together to become stronger and better, to push past my limits. First was my obsession with videos games, that was my world and my release. I truly was in love with that occupation like many naturally. Second was my love for aviation that arose on my first flight to Cuba with my beloved mother. Baffled by the beauty and serenity of the sky and clouds. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For 5 years (13 to 18 ) I enrolled with the Canadian Air Cadets. Learned many valuable lessons such as leadership and discipline. That path lead me to two scholarships; becoming a Glider and then a Private Pilot. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the age of 20 to 23, PUBG happened. Naturally obsessed over the game. I realized I had much more potential than I even thought possible. I truly learned how to operate as a professional and push beyond my mental limits. I was at the top of the food chain and understood a lot about what it really takes to compete at that level. The truth is that you MUST be obsessed and fully invested. You also must surround yourself with people you can GROW and evolve with as team. This path isn't easy. In fact any professional gamer can relate to the struggle. Your biggest asset is your team, not yourself. You must be one with them to truly succeed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now I'm back and ready to invest myself once again. But this time will be with these folks Gage2G, Lucidfreak, and Binny and our new family Sway Esports. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are really proud and happy to be a part of the Sway tribe. The future is bright and I hope to accomplish many things with these people. NOW is the time to prove to all the nay-sayers that anything is possible if you BELIEVE!

  • Nic "LucidFreak"

    Hello, my name is Nic, online I go by lucidfreak and I am from New Zealand. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I got into gaming as a kid starting on console, I switched to PC in my teens and never looked back. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My first game was call of duty 2 which remains to be my favorite game of all time. I played that competitively at the top level in my region, I loved it so much that I continued to play it seriously beyond the release of cod4. Following that I played cod4 and cod5(waw) before making a switch to counter strike, I played Source and then GO which I played competitively at an above amateur level. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next came PUBG, the Battle Royale game type was new to me but I was hooked instantly and I've been playing ever since . After playing in the top leagues in OCE for a couple of years now I have switched my focus to playing in NA where I hope to progress further. With the support of Sway and our new coach Controller I'm excited to see where this newly completed roster can take us. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Outside of gaming my passions are tattoos, music and fitness.

  • Vincent "Rehstraint" Thurman

    I have been in competitive games since I was young at the age of 16 starting in Call of Duty then moving onto StarCraft 2 making it to Grand Master and doing small tournaments. I also played League of Legends doing LAN's in my home state of Indiana. However, I have been playing PUBG since its release back in 2017 and have been grinding it ever since.

  • Dominik " Heatn " Šourek


    I'm 19 year old gamer from Czech Republic. I have never achieved anything in gaming yet, but I'm eager for success. I have always dreamt about going pro in esports and going to a LAN, and with this opportunity that Sway and the team gave me I feel pretty confident that my dream can come true.

  • Blake "Controller"


    My competitive gaming career began in the sports world. Competing professionally in Madden, FIFA, and NHL titles. I then went on to play for multiple top teams in the Rainbow 6 series. Currently I've been coaching PubG eSports for the last 2 years. Outside of the gaming world, I enjoy sports and outdoors and spending time with my wife and Golden Doodle puppy.