• Anarchy

    Abby has been one of the top female players within Call of Duty for some time. A veteran player both online and LAN. Recently she has been acknowledged as being one of the most winning players in Call of Duty: Vanguard sitting in the Top 10! Abby is no stranger to Sway having time played under the organization in prior leagues.

  • Lily

    Lily has been playing competitive Call of duty for many years including several stints with sway esports. she has played and won multiple tournaments and leagues. most notably within the female pro league. lily is a veteran player who looks to continue dominating the call of duty scene.

  • FDL

    FrontDeskLady aka FDL has been in the competitive scene starting in Vanguard. She played on a few teams during the Female Pro Circuit season including a short stint in Sway during the very beginning of the FPC. FDL brings energy, vibes, and more as she looks to elevate her game to a new level with our current roster.

  • Mizu


    Mizu's has amazing gun skill and map awareness. Her talented gameplay can excel any team. She is another veteran player who looks to continue playing at the top level.

  • Emilia


    Emilia is a call of duty player residing in the u.k. and she has had much success in both competitive call of duty and warzone. with her in game knowledge and gun skill, she is a perfect complement to the rest of the team.