• Zarak previously played collegiate Valorant for CGC UIC. He has achieved top 20 on VLR for collegiate.



  • Nabi is a ex-collegiate player for Rutgers Esports. He started competitive gaming with Super Smash Bros. and now aspiring to continue competing in Valorant.



  • YZN got into gaming when he was 10 years old and has competed in many games before ultimately getting into Valorant to compete previously on CGC UIC.



  • I will stop at nothing to be the best Valorant player I can and make my dreams a reality. I am very excited to be working with Sway!



  • Hello my name is Austin and I am trying to become a professional valorant player. I began playing Valorant in beta and for the past three years I have put over 3,000 hours to improve myself in the game to make it to the highest level. I have hit radiant and have consistently been top 1,000 in NA and my current goal is to reach the tier 2 level in the pro scene.



  • Ronny is both a substitute and analyst for the team!

    omg ronny

    Flex (Sub)

  • Nuggies has been apart of the Valorant competitive scene in both coaching and managing in collegiate as well as competing in game changers!


    Team Manager

  • Luna has been apart of the Game Changers scene for a short time and has played collegiate for almost a year for Rutgers Esports. Now she's taking her knowledge to help lead the team as a while still pursuing as a player in the Game Changer scene!


    Assistant Coach

  • Tom1e is our second analyst for the team and has just recently started competing in the Game changers scene.