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Sway's Founding

Our Goal
To provide a ground of professionalism across all platforms of gaming and regular life, to strive to prove we can be the best at everything we do and to provide excellent marketing with ourselves and any/all companies/businesses within the Esports community. We are dedicated to improving both Esports and our members in both skill and virtues. To show our dedication, loyalty, skill, desire to achieve higher, and team management skills. We believe in higher standards of personality and maturity that show professionalism in both gaming and daily life routines.  

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  • Anthony "Hostility" Morris


    Anthony was born in Brooklyn N.Y. and has been gaming since the age of 5. Starting with Atari and Nintendo, gaming has been a big part of his life. Anthony originally started playing competitive gaming in small/local tournaments in Starcraft. In 2011, along with 3 others, he helped to form SwayGG and began the steady movement of the organization. In 2013, he helped start the esports side of Sway by competing in both online and LAN tournaments for Call of Duty. Anthony has since helped grow Sway into a long standing organization with esports, content and a gaming community.

  • Anthony "Kuoda" Pellone


    Anthony has been involved in gaming from a very early age. Starting with NES, then moving to Sega Genesis, N64, Playstation 1 and 2, Xbox, 360, and the Xbox one. Ranging from platformers to FPS, he's been playing games for his entire life. In 2011, he helped established SwayGG and became one of the founding members. When Sway moved into esports, he helped establish the core values as well as helping people in the organization with their streams and content. He looks to not only make Sway into one of the best organizations to be apart of but to help all those involved to reach their own individual goals.

  • Mayja

    Stream Team Manager

    My name is Mayja (my-yuh - silent J) I live in the glorious state of Michigan. Outside of gaming and streaming, I love to watch Formula One racing, travel with my hubby, and eat fabulous food! My primary game is Overwatch and Moira is my main. However, I have been gradually adding more games to my repertoire as I develop my streaming community: Fortnite, DBD, Diablo III, and many other titles.

  • James AKA "Drudge"

    Website Manager

    James is 30 Years Old from Maryland. He is an avid gamer and plays a lot of FPS games during his free time. He has been around with Sway for quite some time. He has helped out in many different areas in Sway along the way. When Drudge is not gaming he is Volunteering as EMS in his community. He also enjoys hanging out with Friends and Family when he can.

  • Tyler "ViperWildeBeest" Williams

    Gaming News Manager

    My Name Is Tyler Williams Aka Viperwildebeest, I am the News Manager for Sway. I’m An Celiac & I have autism. Alongside I've been Gaming for almost 19 years on Console & PC. I post gaming news for all games, updates, and more in the Sway Discord! If you'd like to check it out, make sure to join the discord server!