About Us


Sway was founded in 2011 by a group of friends with one passion the love for video games! 

Sway started off as a pub stomping clan called "Sway2eZ". Its founders, Anthony "Hostility" Morris, Anthony "Kuoda" Pellone, Tyler "RooTz" Marutz, and Jason "oDDiTy" Cornacchio wanted to put together a group of people to play Call of Duty and to be a feared "clan" during Call of Duties Clan War days. Along with around 10 other members, the clan began recruiting more and more members in order to win the weekly Clan Wars that Call of Duty held. With the member count growing daily, Sway achieved several 1st place finishes in the weekly Clan Wars and ideas of growth had begun. Two years later, in 2013, the name "Sway2eZ" was changed and "Sway Gaming" was born!

Esports Birth under Sway
Under the new name of "Sway Gaming", Sway entered its first ever Call of Duty LAN event for UMG St Louis in 2013 with the team roster of Hostility, oDDiTy, RooTz, and Thumper as well as Kuoda as the team coach. As the record reflects, the team did not do well but the experience gained helped the organization to keep pushing down the esports path. Eventually a few months later, Sway entered into UMG Dallas with Hostility changing the roster to include players who were more into the Esports scene and the organization placed T32. Sway wanted more with the Esports scene, not only being apart of Call of Duty, but other games like Halo, League of Legends, and more! 

Sway had not only been apart of the North American side of Call of Duty, but it had also branched off the the European region as well as the Australian/New Zealand region as well. With the addition of #SwayAU in 2015, the organization had its sights set on the #CODWorldLeague Australia / New Zealand Qualifiers but fell short of qualifying, being eliminated in the Top8. Another move made was to bring in the first Call of Duty Ladies team which took Sway to the top of the Female Pro League. 

Not Just One Game
Sway did not just have a Call of Duty team. The organization had also expanded into League of Legends, Counter Strike, Halo, Rainbow 6 and more across both the North American and European regions. Sway vows to continue to expand in current titles and push teams to be their best. 

Content Creation Division
Sway created a content division in 2018 in an attempt to help promote all types of streamers, both big and small, to be able to grow their content. In 2020, Sway created its stream team which has a variety of streamers playing different games on the Sway Twitch channel

Sway's Community
Sway not only has a Esports an Content Division, but we also have what we like to call, our our family and our ground! Sway's Community Division is made up of gamers from across the world that have a love of all sorts of video games and playing on all platforms! Without of community side, we would not be the organization we are today! We invite anyone to apply to join our community and become apart of the #SwayFam! 

Our Goal
To provide a ground of professionalism across all platforms of gaming and regular life, to strive to prove we can be the best at everything we do and to provide excellent marketing with ourselves and any/all companies/businesses within the Esports community. We are dedicated to improving both Esports and our members in both skill and virtues. To show our dedication, loyalty, skill, desire to achieve higher, and team management skills. We believe in higher standards of personality and maturity that show professionalism in both gaming and daily life routines.  

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This is #OurSway!


  • Anthony "Hostility" Morris


    Anthony was born in Brooklyn N.Y. and has been gaming since the age of 5. Starting with Atari and Nintendo, gaming has been a big part of his life. Anthony originally started playing competitive gaming in small/local tournaments in Starcraft. In 2011, along with 3 others, he helped to form SwayGG and began the steady movement of the organization. In 2013, he helped start the esports side of Sway by competing in both online and LAN tournaments for Call of Duty. Anthony has since helped grow Sway into a long standing organization with esports, content and a gaming community.

  • Anthony "Kuoda" Pellone


    Anthony has been involved in gaming from a very early age. Starting with NES, then moving to Sega Genesis, N64, Playstation 1 and 2, Xbox, 360, and the Xbox one. Ranging from platformers to FPS, he's been playing games for his entire life. In 2011, he helped established SwayGG and became one of the founding members. When Sway moved into esports, he helped establish the core values as well as helping people in the organization with their streams and content. He looks to not only make Sway into one of the best organizations to be apart of but to help all those involved to reach their own individual goals.

  • Josh "SeveredAstro"

    Chief Business Officer

    Josh is a 30 year old USMC Veteran with a deep love for gaming. Starting his gaming life off when he was young with games like Super Mario Bros, Duke Nukem, and then finally getting settled in on Halo when it released in 2001. He's originally from Alabama, but has lived all over the country while serving active duty. He also has two deployments to Afghanistan under his belt. Josh is actively pursuing Cyber Security and loves technology and building networks and infrastructures.

  • Mya "Gummie" Drake

    General Manager

    Mya is a gaming fanatic who plays a wide variety of games. She is a southern girl who likes to have a good time with her friends and peers. Mya is one person that you can always come to when you cant go to anyone else.

  • Stefan aka "Nafets"

    General Manager

    Nafets comes from upstate New York. He collects retro games and enjoys fishing anime and hanging out with friends in his free time. Nafets went from a community member within Sway and 1 year later was promoted to General Manager thanks to his hard work and dedication to the Sway brand.

  • The Queen

    Stream Team Manager

    Jasmin aka Queen loves playing video games, it's her passion. Her favorite games are Dead by Daylight, Smite, and Phasmophobia. She has 3 dogs and 4 cats (She loves animals xD). All in all she is a pretty chill person and she just loves to have fun!

  • Nick "TeeDuhb" Hellem

    Social Media Manager

    Nick is 31 years old from Minnesota. He is an avid gamer that mainly plays sports games or first person shooters. When Nick is not playing video games, he is checking out and watching sports. Nick has a beautiful wife and two amazing furry kids! A 5 year old Beagle named Bailey and a 9 month old Golden/yellow lab!

  • Jon aka "Destrroyo"

    Social Media Manager

    Jon is an avid animal lover, horse owner and bad dad joke teller. Jon is also a disabled combat veteran who spent time overseas in and out of combat zones for 5 years while serving in the Marine Corps. After getting out of the military Jon felt like it was impossible to connect with people or find a place to fit in so he turned back to his first true passion, gaming. Jon stated "It has been an amazing outlet for not only meeting people but getting comfortable with myself again. Suffering from depression and other mental health issues brought on from service, Twitch has been a place for me to not only bring awareness to mental health issues plaguing veterans, but also provides me a platform to work with charities and raise money to help vets in need which is what I strive to do."

  • Aaron 'Flo Chicken' Flores

    Social Media Manager

    Aaron is currently serving in the US Army as well as a husband and father! Streaming/gaming is a big passion of his and something that he wants to take further! He would love to consider himself a variety streamer but he mainly stream FPS games such as COD, Valorant, Apex, and BF. If he had to choose his all time favorite game it would be Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Check him out on tik tok at tiktok.com/https://www.tiktok.com/@flo_chicken

  • Michael "HerdsmanTC" Bruce

    Community Director

    Michael is a West Coast Canadian Gamer, Father of 4. He mainly plays sports games like NHL/MLB) but you will also catch him playing FPS games like Apex and Call of Duty. He has been a welcoming member of the Sway community and always tries to communicate with fellow members!

  • James AKA "Drudge"

    Website Manager

    James is 30 Years Old from Maryland. He is an avid gamer and plays a lot of FPS games during his free time. He has been around with Sway for quite some time. He has helped out in many different areas in Sway along the way. When Drudge is not gaming he is Volunteering as EMS in his community. He also enjoys hanging out with Friends and Family when he can.

  • Garrett "BubbaGump"

    Discord Manager

    Garrett sees himself as just a dude that loves cars and video games.