Thank you #SwayLadies

by Anthony Morris | May 05, 2023

"A very long time.
It was a great success, but even great successes come to a natural end" 
- Isaac Asimov

Today we get to say "Thank You" to the ladies who have helped us secure multiple championships within the Female Pro Circuit (FPC), who helped us win the 1st Female Pro League tournament, who made us stay awake every time there was a late season match, who had us going wild throughout every Major tournament within the FPC, and to a team that has brought so much joy to the organization known as Sway Esports Inc. A team that we had the pleasure of taking over right after women's Call of Duty started to blow up again due to the FPC's involvement to create an atmosphere where women could showcase their skills and teamwork all while showing the community that there is a large presence of female competitors. 

Lets take a trip down memory road...What a ride it's been.

On April 4th of 2022, we made a deal with another organization named "Team Veer" to acquire a roster that was on a roll within the Female Pro Circuit. A team with such amazing players that it wouldn't be right to NOT talk about them individually. A team that would be known as the #SwayLadies!  

- From starting off way way back in Sway's early years in Call of Duty esports, we found Lily. A young, passionate, fun, loveable little girl whom we got to see grow within the Call of Duty community and seen grow right here within Sway Esports. A person who both Kuoda and Hostility knew would one day pioneer to reach new heights within Call of Duty itself. We are so happy to know that she has again pushed another barrier and opened more doors for not only herself, but for other women within the Call of duty community.

- Greatness and appreciation to someone else who's been tenured within Sway Esports as well, Abby aka Anarchy. Abby is another player who's been with Sway consistently over the last years. Someone who's stretched not only within the ladies community but has walked the walk by placing well in LAN tournaments as well. The "Captain" of the Sway Ladies rose to the occasion and put her stamp on it.

- Emilia Rose, our UK wonder girl. Another player we have had the joy of working with for the last year. A player that even though she had a disadvantage working against her ping, still showed out every single game she played in. Our GO TO player when we needed a substitute to jump in and make the plays we needed to help us get the wins! 

- Can you truly say enough about Fiddle? Otherwise known to the community as FDL or FrontDeskLady... but to us, as Paige. Paige came to use at the beginning of the Modern Warfare II season as a former "foe" within the ladies scene. Having played against us and seeing her skill grow daily, from people doubting her ability, from her consistent grinding and proving that she was getting better.. to ending up a FPC champion was a story we are so proud to have been there for. Paige is dedicated to her craft and dedicated to helping grow/sustain the community and we cannot express our gratitude for her enough. 

- Mizu!!! We will always stand behind you Miss Meredy. We stand behind you for the amazing player that you are, the fun individual we got to meet, the insane gameplay that you brought, and the comical memes you would post throughout the teams group chat. Mizu came to us a little into the Modern Warfare season to join up with her duo Paige and the memories from there, will not be forgotten. 


Lastly to our coach Brian. Truthfully a great individual who stood behind these ladies and gave his insight whenever it was needed/asked. His caring ability mixed with his knowledge of the game helped to elevate the ladies and we are truly thankful for him showing up! 

- Honorable mentions to Megan, Jessie, and Silvia. 3 other players whom we acquired throughout our tenure within the Female Pro Circuit who helped elevate the Sway organization. We didn't forget about you all! 

We at Sway want to let the ladies know that we truly appreciate each and every single one of them and are so proud of the things you have accomplished!
The doors you helped to open, the eyes you brought to the scene, and the dedication each of you have to your craft is undeniable!

Once #SwayFam, always #SwayFam!

It's truly is tough to say goodbye! 
But we can't wait to see what you all do next!
  We all will be rooting for the Tsunami in the WxC league!  
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