Sway Signs Valorant Team

by Anthony Morris | September 28, 2021

Since the Valorant Beta, Sway has shown interest in finding a Valorant team that shows the passion and dedication that align with the organizations morals. Sway has been involved with a few teams since the game has come out but ultimately had left the scene for a short amount of time but had the urge to begin looking again due to the Valorant scene picking up more steam for competitions.

As an organization, we have interviewed several team rosters and looked for a that special group that we believe that fits what exactly we stand for. As of today, that team has been found and we would like to officially announce the new #SwayValorant team. 

Please help us in welcoming the roster of:

Tyler "Tie" Arjune

Jason "JBrown" Brown

Anthony "Smes" Hubert

Devin "InvertRohovich (C)

Julian "Legend" Greenwood

Catch the team competing in upcoming Vanguard Championship, Valorant Challangers tournaments and other leagues/tournaments! 


Welcome to the #SwayFam! 

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