Sway releases its Counter Strike team.

by Anthony Morris | December 20, 2021

Today we have released our official statement regarding our Counter Strike team. 


The team started off great heading into this past season with 3 straight victories (one coming by FFW) and looked to press on with our goal being to do well in playoffs and start next season as a IM or Main team. The team ended with a 9-5 record (total of 2 FFW's included) and entered playoffs with a high seed. But it seemed like our roster problems had caught up to us. In the ESEA playoffs the team took game one of the best of 3, but eventually fell 1-2. The roster for playoffs had to be changed up a bit and had to use the original 2 players that the team started with and used mid way through the season instead of the 2 new players that we had ended the season with, thus losing in playoffs and ending the hopes of pushing forward. Due to this loss, the players of the team has since went their separate ways.


We want to thank the team of Pepper, Flyte, Worms, Krypto, Rage, and Majin for everything they have done while under the Sway banner for season 39 of the ESEA Open League playoffs. 


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