Sway CSGO Roster Changes

by swaygg Admin | November 04, 2021

Season 38 of the ESEA league ended with a second round loss after a great season and the notion that we were losing 1 player heading into season 39. As the off-season started, so did the changes. 


With that, we would like to welcome you to the new #SwayCSGO Open team! 


Pepper has taken over as team Captain, Flyte has come off the bench as a full time player, Krtyp0 has switched from coach to player, and we would like to welcome xoWorms and Flawz to the roster! 

With all the changes that have been made during the off-season, the team has started the season 5-1 and are looking to keep making moves. 

To Pepper, Flyte, and Krypt0, we want to thank you guys for the continued push and keeping our CSGO side alive. 
To Worms and Flawz, we are glad to have you both! 


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