Roster Acquisition

by Anthony Morris | April 04, 2022

Today we officially announce we have acquired the ladies roster formally known as Team Veer, bringing the team under the Sway for the rest of the Female Pro Circuit season!

Please help us in welcoming the new faces representing Sway - 

- Abby - Lily - Megan - Silvia - Jessie Emi -

(Read more about the team by going to their official roster page)

Some of these amazing ladies mentioned are familiar faces to the #SwayFam and have competed under the Sway branding in prior stints including Lily, Megan, and Abby. Lily has competed under Sway in multiple Call of Duties and brought the organization championships before. Abby and Megan have both been vital pieces to past teams and have also brought us great placements. We look forward to seeing what the 3 newcomers, Silvia, Jessie, & Emilia have in store for us as we continue on in the Female Pro League!  

While playing under Team Veer in the Female Pro Circuit, the ladies have been a dominate force within the league. Throughout the season the ladies have shown they are the top team to beat by going 7 & 0 for each pool play (4 in total) and by winning 3 out of the 4 majors (sat out major 4 due to prior arrangements). Together, these ladies have been the team to beat & their skills have been top tier.

Oh and did we mention they have the best listen ins as well?

With 5 pool plays, 4 majors, and a grand finals still left within the FPC season, as well as a new ladies league coming up, the ladies look to continue their dominance in the ladies Call of Duty scene and we are happy to be on the same side as them! 

Catch the ladies in action as the start of the Female Pro Circuit's next pool play begins this week and the upcoming WWL league begins on May 9th! 

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