Member, Streamer and Esports Players of the Month!

by Anthony Morris | August 01, 2021

For the past few months, we have given out Member, Streamer, and Esports players of the month. With this, we look for mainly activity within the organization as well as people who jump into streams and give support to each other.

For the month of August, our winners are:

Member: @RGP_14 

Only being in Sway for a few weeks, he's been greatly supportive of everyone within the organization and we have seen him in quite a few streams whether be on the Sway channel or people within the organization! 

Streamer: @RealSaint_Bruce

Bruce has been on the stream team for over a year now and has been greatly supportive of not only Sway but everyone within Sway! He's always jumping into others streams and is active in and out of the community! 

Esports: @Tencies and @ItsxChels

These ladies have been involved in Sway for a few months now and attended AFD Orlando for a Call of Duty LAN event in July. They ended up placing Top 9 at the event and have appreciated the support Sway has given them over the last few months. We hope to see more from them soon! 

Each person who wins will be given one of the following:

1) $10 gift card to Soardogg (apparel)

2)$10 gift card to JerkyXP 

3) $10 paypal for use on either Glytch Energy or Kontrol freek

 The people who win have the option to either keep the prize for themselves, to be used on a future purchase, OR have the option to give that away to something else. It is purely on that person if they want to keep it or not, but we will help them give it away if they so choose. The winners also get recognition on our website.

Let's get supporting each other to the best of our abilities and make the #SwayFam the best place to be!

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