It’s been a long time…

by Anthony Morris | November 06, 2021

A little background of Sway. In 2014 we made a decision to expand outside of our North American roots and looked towards the Oceania region, Australian & New Zealand. With Call of Duty being the top game and esport at the time, we made a decision to look around for a team for the foreseeable future. 

In 2015, we got to sit back and watch a talented bunch of individuals as they clawed their way and almost made it to the top coming so close to making it into the then, Call of Duty World League.


Fast forward to 2018, we again made our way back to the Oceania region and watched as the then “new” team we had brought under the brand began another special journey as they made their way placing well in multiple tournaments. 

Today, we like to officially announce we are making our way back! With the announcement of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Sway has been looking to get back into the scene that we started in so long ago in an effort to make another wave within the region. As an organization, we always want to make sure we bring on any team(s), regardless of which title, that we think carry on the same morals and mantra that we uphold within our organization prior to signing. As we slowly looked around, we have decided to bring back a face that was originally apart of our 2018 team as we have faith in his growth and mindset. Sean “Vert” Beaumont has come back and with him, a few new individuals to round out a solid roster.  The team is built of 4 hungry individuals looking to make their mark within Call of Duty esports. 

We are pleased to present to you, our Call of Duty roster representing Sway from the Oceania region. Please give a warm welcome to the team! 

- Sean “Vert” Beaumont

- Jay “Jayoryy” Cody

- Craig “DerCJ” Barrett

- Shaquille “Shaq” Tuituiohu

We cannot wait to see how the team performs over the course of Vanguard and to see how the each individually grow not as just 1 person, but as a team. Welcome aboard gentleman, now let’s Sway the competition! 

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