Fielding 2 Rosters for the Boston Breach Challengers LAN!

by Anthony Morris | July 05, 2022

It has been 6 long years since we have fielded any type of roster for any esport on LAN. Back in 2016 was our last run with a Call of Duty LAN team for what was then, UMG South Carolina. From timing, to taking chances and finally Covid shutting down LANs for roughly 2 years, it has been a long awaited return. 
With the Challenger season coming to an end and the Boston Breach Challengers LAN being the last event before Call of Duty Champs, we figured.. Why not?

Sway is based out of New York and with the Boston LAN being so close, its the perfect time to re-enter into the world of LAN tournaments and get our feet wet once more. But we aren't looking to just field one roster heading into the tournament, we decided to go with 2! 

Team #1
Introducing "Sway Esports" - 

Team #2
We have partnered up with OutGoing Esports to field a roster which includes one of our own from our #SwayLadies team.
Introducing "Sway x OutGoing" - 
We are excited to see what both rosters can do at the Boston Challengers event. Be sure to be following our main twitter (SwayGG) for all live updates on what both teams are doing and who they are facing! 
Good luck to both teams! 
#OurSway | #SwayFam 


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