Female Pro Circuit - Team Announcement

by Anthony Morris | January 08, 2022

In December, we announced our return back to the Call of Duty scene and the roster we acquired as the Sway Ladies team throughout Vanguard (Read More).

After the success of team by coming in 3rd in the WWL Ladies League, we decided to take it a step further with a new and upcoming league designed strictly for females within the Call of Duty community!
(Read more about the Female Pro Circuit by going to their official website!)

Today we announce ecstatic to announce we have officially joined the first inaugural season of the Call of Duty, Female Pro Circuit that is set to begin with the first match-ups on January 10th, 2020!

Our Sway Ladies Call of Duty will consist of our starting 4 players, Luhvly, Virdi, QueenSlaya, and Keyla as well as our 2 subsitute players we drafted today, Skye & FrontDeskLady.

As we look to the future and the match ups against the 7 other teams in the league (Acacia GamingPhiladelphia  WarhawksCommand Then ConquerNostalgiaTeam VeerTeam Argo, and Escape Velocity Esports) the ladies will be looking to make waves within the league and cement themselves as one of the best teams within the FPC and more! 
Pool play starts January 10th going to January 23rd and the first major will be on on January 29th - 30th, we hope that the FPC is able to bring that competitive nature we once had many Call of Duty titles ago! 

We want to wish the entire team good luck in the league and we will be standing by you every step of the way! 


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