ESEA Season 41 Roster Announcement

by Anthony Morris | April 20, 2022

Season 41 of the ESEA season is about to begin and we have decided to sign a new roster to represent Sway during it! This time, it is a little different. We have decided to bring on a Main ranked team. For those who do not know what a Main ranked team is, ESEA goes by ranking of teams. Starting from Open, to IM, to Main, to Advanced, to Challenger and then Pro league. We have fielded teams in Open for the last 5 seasons and this time, we decided to go up a couple of rankings.

We are pleased to welcome the newest team to represent the Sway brand -


Kennith "Kenn" Frisbie 

Keaton "nass" Asbach

Ryan "ryguy" Lloyd

Karim "kah_reem" Malti

Yutaro "Piano" Shibuya


Adetunji "Melan1n" Emuleomo


We cannot wait to see what the team can achieve this season!

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