ESEA Season 40 Roster Announcement!

by Anthony Morris | January 20, 2022

With Sway consistently being apart of the Counter Strike esports scene, we spent this offseason leading up to season 40 of the ESEA league looking at and interviewing multiple teams that we thought would fit the Sway mentality. With conducting interviews with teams within Main, IM, and Open we wanted to look into teams with a clear view of what we believe is best to bring under the Sway branding.


Today we announce our new roster heading into the upcoming ESEA season. We have made the decision to continue our standard by working with a ESEA Open team but this time, a team with experience individually within Main and IM. We believe that this team has the skill and motivation to break out of open within 1 season and make their way up the ESEA ladder. The teams mentality heading into this upcoming season has shown us that they are the right team to compete under the Sway brand. So with out further ado, we want to announce our roster. 


Please help us in welcoming #SwayCS: 
Mackenzie "Natty_Daddy" Bergstrom 
Broden "Brodyn" LaFay
Colin "CdK" Keele
Aidan "QT" Cuite
Matthew "Fortuna" Royce
Ali "A1" Zeyad (Sub)

From experience to communication, skill to mindset, we believe this team has exactly what we were looking for and are ecstatic to work with the team for this upcoming ESEA season! 


Want to know more about the team, check out their roster page.

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