Sway CSGO ESEA Open Season

by Anthony Morris | September 28, 2021

Last night our ESEA Open season had come to a close. After ending the season 9 wins and 5 loses, the team entered the ESEA playoffs looking to do better than they did the year prior. Our first round match up against "4 Chicks and a Lizard" had ended in a 16-7 and a 16-8 victory pushing the team to round 2 of the playoffs. The team had a taller task in front of them as they took on "1027" but look forward to the competition. After map 1 on Nuke started to get out of control, the boys began to rally back down 2-12 to bring it back to 10-12, unfortunately they ultimately lost 10-16. Putting map 1 aside, the team kept fighting as they started map 2 on Vertigo. The map kept going back and forth with a total of 5 ties leading to round 28 and sitting at 14 a piece. Sadly, "1027" took both last rounds and winning the series. 


Our Counter Strike team wants to thank all of you who have stood besides them this season and rooted them on. It was a tough one with some heartbreaking loses and some real shows of dominance as they fought throughout the season to make playoffs once again! The team has been with us for multiple seasons and has improved each season they have been under the Sway brand. 


To Tao, Drop, Sprayden, Pepper, Spooky, and new comers Tatimus & Flyte, we want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication this year! 


More announcements to come regarding the team and the future but for now.. 

Sway Counter Strike will be back for next season! 


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