Call of Duty Ladies Official Announcement

by Anthony Morris | December 20, 2021

Sway has been apart of Call of Duty for a long time. After being introduced to the female scene years back, we kept the continuing mindset to maintain a ladies roster to help to see women be showcased for their gaming skills. Sway was one of the first teams entered into the then, Female Pro League where we seen great success throughout its tenure. Since the FPL disappeared, it seemed like Call Of Duty ladies teams thus did the same. 


Fast forward to 2021 with the beginning of Call of Duty: Vanguard. After seeing Vanguard begin to grow, tournament organizers began to pop up and a new ladies league was formed by the WWL League in which we new we Sway to be apart of since we have always been a huge advocate. We scouted around for both teams and players, not knowing exactly what the "new era" of ladies had to offer or how the league would even play out, but we knew we wanted to be apart of it. As we began looking, we came across a F/A player named "Luhvly" and knew she would be the player we needed to build a roster of ladies that not only could compete, but show the morals that this organization wanted to have. After several talks, the roster began to form. 


Originally, we thought of the team as just our WWL League team, not knowing what the future would hold, but these ladies quickly grew on us. Everything about them from passion, to heart, to communication, etc. was showcased every night they played whether it was a scrimmage, a league match, and then in the playoffs of the WWL where they went on to place 3rd within the league!


We are proud to be able to officially say today..

We welcome the ladies as our official Call of Duty Ladies roster! 


Please help us in giving a warm welcome to the team!

iLuhvly, _Keylav, virdidiana, QueenSIaya, & AstralSkye!


With this roster and the passion they have, we can't wait to get into more tournaments and leagues throughout the Vanguard season! 


Learn more about the team by going to the official team page! 

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