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Memzys to Starting Role

#SwayLadies starting line up change.

Jun 15, 2022 Read More

ESEA Season 41 Roster Announcement

Season 41 of the ESEA season is about to begin and we have decided to sign a new roster to represent Sway during it! This time, it is a little...

Apr 20, 2022 Read More

Roster Acquisition

Today we officially announce we have acquired the ladies roster formally known as Team Veer, bringing the team under the Sway for the rest of...

Apr 04, 2022 Read More

Female Pro Circuit Roster Changes.

With the close out of the Female Pro Circuit Major #1 and a 4th place finish in the major, we have decided to make some changes within the Ladies Call of Duty...

Feb 05, 2022 Read More